Replacing your Sliding Patio Doors

Richmond Sliding Patio DoorsIf you’re improving the exterior of your home, then consider replacing the sliding patio door. This will help keep burglars out and also improve on the resell of your property. With a new sliding door, you’ll feel safer as there will be no more golf clubs propping it shut. Whenever you need one all you have to do is call Commonwealth Energy Systems. We have the experience and know-how that it takes to install your new door.

Whenever we hear the term ‘patio door’, we often think of a larger glass door in which we access our backyards from. But the term means different products to different people. Most patio doors are 6- feet wide as there are some that are 5-feet too. They are constructed of the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Clad

Dirty & Frozen Wheels

A sliding door works on wheels as they are slid back and forth to operate it. If the wheels become dirty they can freeze up and seize the door from operation. You can’t avoid accessing it so a replacement would be favorable.

Notches on Wheels

Another common problem for patio doors is notched wheels. This happens as the wheels wear down over time. Once they become notched, they tend to jump the track which hinders operation and can possibly leave you with a constantly open door in Richmond.

Sagging Frame

Time can play a cruel joke on your patio door. As the frame is retained of a metal, whether it’s steel or aluminum, it will sag over time causing your door to become inoperable. You can easily avoid the mess by calling Commonwealth Energy Systems.


As mentioned earlier, there are lots of different types of patio doors. What type best works for you? It’s your choice as the homeowner. Some of them have rollers at the top while others are located at the bottom. You’ll find that each type though has certain advantages over the others.


All sliding doors operate in the same way. They slide on rollers or wheels. Some options are able to be adjusted. Although they are not typically utilized as a primary entrance/exit of a home, they still need to be operable.


Wood is always a great option for those who love the natural look of real wood but they will need re-stained or painted. Fiberglass doors do not have warping issues like wood does. Some doors are better for weather resistance than others.

You can have the best sliding patio door installed on your home whenever you call Commonwealth Energy Systems. Quality matters with us and it shows through our outdoor renovations.

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