Vinyl Rail Installations

Vinyl Rails RichmondVinyl has become the new trend in home construction. That’s because it’s durable and holds up well to the elements. We see this in fencing as well as vinyl rails for porches and decks. You can trust that Commonwealth Energy Systems will design and install your porch railings using the best quality products. We can back our exterior renovations up by carrying liability insurance and building your trust. We’ll make sure that your long-term investment will last.

Railings are generally there to improve the stability of a porch and also to help the appearance. When we walk up and down the stairs of our porches, we generally hold onto the rails for added safety precautions. Vinyl is not cheap-looking nor is it unreliable.


Vinyl is normally made to look similar to real wood. If your railings are made of vinyl, your family and friends will have a hard time distinguishing the difference. Vinyl is also known to be very versatile so you can choose from many different styles of railings in Richmond.


Vinyl is simple to keep clean. There is no need for waxes and expensive polishes nor do you have to paint or stain the rails. All you need is some hot soapy water. Minor scratching and scuff marks won’t show through on vinyl.


Vinyl has over ten times the strength of wood rails. It’s resistant to weight and long-lasting. You can find these and many other benefits of vinyl whenever you take advantage of the services from Commonwealth Energy Systems.

Additional advantages:

  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Vinyl vs. Composite

We often confuse composite and vinyl exterior components as they are quite similar but completely different. Composite is made from plastic or wood fibers whereas vinyl is made of a PVC and contains glass or carbon fibers.

Vinyl Improvements

In recent years, vinyl has become more popular among homeowners for deck and porch railings. Vinyl is used in a lot of outdoor construction because it’s safe and reliable. You won’t have to replace vinyl as it can withstand years of rough weather conditions.

Styles & Color Patterns

PVC rails can be purchased in all types of styles as well as colors. It’s important to decide on a color before purchasing the rails. You do have the option of mix and matching the colors for a more unique look to your deck, fence or porch.

When it comes to vinyl rails, no one knows more about them other than Commonwealth Energy Systems. For years we have been installing rails in residences in the Virginia region.

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