Entry Door Replacement to Prevent Drafts

Richmond Entry Door ReplacementHave a draft in the home that you can’t seem to get rid of? If you are suffering from drafts and other problems, call Commonwealth Energy Systems for an entry door replacement. We can have your new door on in time for the cold weather to come through. If that isn’t enough reason to call us then continue reading and see how a new front door will save you money. Now that we have your attention, you can learn about energy savings.

It seems that the price of fuel, to heat a home, has gone up in recent years. Then more that we, homeowners, rely on our furnace to keep us warm, the more we are just throwing money out the window by not saving on energy usage.


An older door is much easier to break into as it becomes fragile over time. Most home burglaries occur in the daylight and through the front door which makes thieves inconspicuous. A new front door can be a challenge to get through which will deter thieves from hitting your Richmond home.


Older hinges can rust and make the front door hard to open. You shouldn’t have to spray lubricant on the hinges each time you want to leave the home. You should replace the front door with one that’s easy to open and installed with new hinges.


Entry doors often times look ratty and dreadfully old. That old look isn’t getting attention any longer like it once did. If your hanging your head in shame each time you walks through your front door, then maybe it’s time to replace it.


A new front door can be an investment. Don’t look at it like an extra hit on your wallet. Commonwealth Energy Systems can install your doors in the following types of dwellings:

  • Foreclosures
  • Rentals
  • Flip Houses
  • Residential Homes


An entry door can be made from a number of materials. Steel is the most common type of front door which we see on a lot of homes today. Wood exists for front door construction but is less common. Fiberglass is an option that’s costly but looks great!


You can select from any type of finish you’d like for your entry door to come in. Steel is typically painted and wood comes stained. Aluminum doors can become scratched but paint normally hides such blemishes from sight.

If you’re concerned about the safety and efficiency of your home; call Commonwealth Energy Systems for an entry door replacement. It will keep your home free of drafts and not make it easy for burglars to break into.

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